NAVY SEPS I Mean National Guard Capitol Starfishes

Tengo que hacer este artículo en inglés.

To all the people that has been in the Military they will realize something, Boot Camp sucks as hell.

I was separated from the NAVY due to family problems that I had to go back home but I went to a place call “Separations” or “SEPS”, all you do in there is sleep, read, tv, play arcades or cards, draw, puzzles, or go to NAVY EXCHANGE.

But most of the time we would be sleeping or laying in the floor because there was no many chairs for 200 people neither we were allowed to sit on the bunks, but from time to time we would have a Petty Officer that will scream “Why are you laying down like Starfishes?” And we would have to sit down. They didn’t wanted nobody sleeping until it was TAPS.

Well, the National Guard is doing the same B.S. at the Capitol today… look at this;

They look like us when we were laying down besides the bunks. Such a joke. They are still treated like crap even after graduation.
Bunch of starfishes
Bunch of Manaties
If our Founding Fathers were alive…

There you have it… only a war zone this could be allowed. In their own land laying down in the floor to go against its own citizens, not even a cot provided. NOW I UNDERSTAND why they told us to prepare when I was in Boot Camp regarding citizens… makes total sense. Rest in Peace to the Corporation of the United States of America and its Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Civil War 2.0.